American Disabilities Act Upgrades

The Federal Government is no longer allowing property owners and businesses continue to operate without complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Starting in January of this year all past allowances or “Grandfathering in”, of exceptions to the Americans with Disabilities Act are no longer exempt. You are not free from citation, fines and judgments for violations of the Act.

If you are not compliant with these regulations, regardless of being issued a building permit, what you think or have been told, you are at risk.

What’s at risk? Thousands of dollars in fines alone. You may be cited, sued, and fined $2,500 a day until repairs are completed. The Federal Government’s position is these laws have been on the books for years and you have had plenty of time to become compliant. Anyone can file a complaint, not just the handicapped.

Remedies and Rewards for Current and Deferred Maintenance

In an era of higher costs, lower rents, increasing vacancies and lack of capital, property owners and management companies must consider effective ways to protect revenues.

Site redesign, upgrades, repairs and compliance provide the most cost effective solutions to increase property appeal, maintaining good tenancy, and an increase safety.

In many cases impacted 1031 exchange properties are prime candidates for these repairs which can be paramount to future operations.


Financially, these repairs can return immediate value through:

Justification of long overdue increases in CAM charges
First year tax deductibility of all repairs
Insurance premium discounts and/or reimbursements for safety repairs
Justification for increase in rents
Increase in curb appeal for financing and drawing tenants
Compliance with, “American’s with Disabilities Act” escaping fines and/or judgments



Asphalt Repairs
Seal Coat
Crack Patching
Manhole Repairs
General Asphalt Construction
Wheel Stops
Asphalt And Concrete Grinding
Concrete Repairs
Decorative Concrete
ADA Upgrades Including: Truncated Domes, Ramps, Hand Rails And Signage
Parkway Drains
Storm Water Management Systems
Grease Interceptor Installation
Underground Repairs & Installation Of Conduits, Sewer, Water And Other Utilities
General Off-Site Construction
Hazardous Remediation

Ask about painting, landscaping, and building maintenance as well.

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